Combat Juggling?!?

So today, I could have written a deep dark post about my brothers and sisters in Orlando. I have deliberately chosen not too. That tragedy is being very well covered by all the media outlets of the world and with a good deal more eloquence than I can muster, especially as in contemplating this event … More Combat Juggling?!?

Hey, Baby, What if I don’t Want to Marry You?

So tonight I’m going to make everybody hate me. I don’t particularly care. I’ve been really sick which means a lot of time skimming Facebook. Facebook is great for minimal interaction “living”. But for the moment I want to discuss something that really bothers me. For convenience I am going to use guy and lady … More Hey, Baby, What if I don’t Want to Marry You?

Aspie Thoughts

I do not write about my Aspergers as a rule, nor about autism in general. My experience as an adult Aspie with four fellow autists in my family and some autistic friends is that we all are quite simply quite different. Many shades and colors on the spectrum. But I feel a need to talk … More Aspie Thoughts

Pray for me but….

Those who prefer pure civility and “play nice” probably should not read this. Stick to my Facebook statuses. You were warned. So….okay then. I was on Facebook today reading the various cute little photo quotes that people share and I came across this little gem. Beneath a fairly standard posting about loving all of ones’ … More Pray for me but….