Legal Stuff


The opinions openly expressed here with my name on them are my own and I take full responsibility for them. So the recipes, the political posts, the stuff on science and math, and race and so on, mine…


As far as the Lyme Warriors Project goes:

These are all true stories written by the people mentioned and used with their express verbal or written permissions. In all of these stories, these people tell their stories from their perspectives and in keeping with their beliefs. Many mention theories, conspiracies, alternative news sources, and other things they deem to be the truth.

That does not believe that these beliefs are necessarily my beliefs unless I explicitly say so.

In fact, I even disagree with some of them – but my goal here was to share these people’s stories as openly and honestly as possible. I have therefore chosen not to censor them.

I firmly believe in the adage that even if “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. That is what free speech means.

And disagreement, per se, in cases where it exists does not mean that I consider the speaker in any way invalid, or feel that they do not have the right to tolerance, compassion, respect, and all due treatment!

To be very extreme for clarity, even the crazy have a right to speak without being systemically ignored or killed.

Also, some of these people mention controversial forms of health care from medical marijuana to things I’d never previously heard of. I myself have dabbled in controversial care, however, I will state that I do not now and will not ever openly support any form of care mentioned here.

I cannot legitimately do so. I do not have enough information or the intellectual/educational background to throw my support behind any of these things.

And the first rule for me is and always will be “First do no harm.” So if you mistook this page for an advice column, your mistake and you deal with the consequences.

I know what works for me. Others are sharing what works for them. What works for you is your own business, but do not ever say that this site recommended you try (X, Y, Z or Q”.) I am most emphatically NOT doing anything of the kind.

I am also not sponsoring any of these products, not receiving any money from any of the mentioned companies, and not receiving any money from these people or for their content.

Their stories and opinions are theirs.

The only opinion I share with all of them is that the current “treatment” of Lyme in America is morally, ethically, and in some cases, criminally wrong.

Oh, and that exercise, good nutrition, and sleep hygiene are all awesome things.


That is why I am sharing.