Combat Juggling?!?

So today, I could have written a deep dark post about my brothers and sisters in Orlando. I have deliberately chosen not too. That tragedy is being very well covered by all the media outlets of the world and with a good deal more eloquence than I can muster, especially as in contemplating this event … More Combat Juggling?!?

The Invisibly Ill

Chronic illness is something of a Catch 22 and a dangerous one at that. You are expected to take care of yourself, to eat well, to behave according to your local societal norms – be that by stringing seashells through your labia or scrotal sack as in the case of some Pacific Island cultures or … More The Invisibly Ill

For those who like the more personal touch

I have started a seperate blog where I will be posting content about my exercise, diet, medication, etc program. It will contain more detail oriented and mor ego oriented posts dealing specifically with my health. You can find it at – I will still be posting recipes, tips and rants here as well but … More For those who like the more personal touch

Bah humbug. Racism in Greenville, SC this weekend.

So I am going to risk a rant here on Greenville racism. Greenville is actually a very well integrated, multicultural city. We have Germans, Russians, Sufi, Saudis, Hindu, Hispanics, Latinos, French, and more due to the various international and national companies with home bases here. When my partner and I moved here we were both … More Bah humbug. Racism in Greenville, SC this weekend.