Pray for me but….

Those who prefer pure civility and “play nice” probably should not read this. Stick to my Facebook statuses. You were warned.

So….okay then.

I was on Facebook today reading the various cute little photo quotes that people share and I came across this little gem.

Beneath a fairly standard posting about loving all of ones’ neighbors- gay, black, straight, Muslim, white, addicted, orange, twelve nutted, or tentacled, I found,

“Nice try but hate will not end until Jesus comes again. And many of these people are just wrong. The Bible says so. So even that might not help.”

So okay, lady, questions…

It’s okay for you to hate your neighbor because your religion says that’s okay? And you’re a Baptist? Might want to read your Book again.

Even Jesus hates gays and Muslims? Um, really?

And also it’s okay for you to be an intolerant asshole because your Deity is not currently present to tell you not to so you’re just going to go with Plan A and do what you have always done?

I was raised Roman Catholic for the first fifteen years of my life, Baptist for another five, taught world religions on a collegiate level, flirted with Taoism and Buddhism and now basically only follow two life rules…

“Primum Non Nocere – First Do No Harm!”


“People are not things, making people things is the root of all evils.”

So I’m not some uneducated infidel with a hate on for “Christians”, although I would like to see that word defined. A lot of people claim that label for themselves but they range from people who are basically saints to knuckle dragging illiterates who use God to diss everyone they disagree with.

Another post that bothered me was one where a woman talked about how she was a great person and a wonderful soul because she was praying for her community’s homeless.

That’s cool. Please do pray for them. There is evidence that for whatever reason prayer works. But please don’t brag about it. The Bible says to worship privately; it says public prayer is offensive and an affront to God. (Verses from several versions of the Bible available for those who need them.)

This woman also asked that her readers type “Yes” in their status if they prayed for the homeless.

I did so. I also added that I had given a homeless person material aid. I had. I gave a homeless lady my gloves one frigid night. I’m not bragging, just noting. Others have done the same for me and I try to pay forward. I owe a debt.

I encouraged others to some similar act of kindness.

I was FLAMED. All sorts of people were upset that I was “denigrating” their prayers by bragging about a material and thus worldly act.

For those people I would like to add that ALL of the worlds religious books – all of them – say that one should worship God/Allah/the Tao/Shiva/Krishna/Brahman/JHVH in “word, act, and deed.”

Those are the actual words in the Christian Bible (at least in the KJV, New World, Douay-Rheins, etc) and the actual words from the Qur’an go “Allah is the author of all things, but even Allah requires a pen.”

Words, acts and deeds.

Prayer is great. Please do pray.

But maybe when someone needs or requests prayers you should also find out how to help them in the here and now. Donate some money, buy a meal, rescue an animal, donate some blankets, give someone a lift, share a poem, hold someone’s hand.

I actually see a lot of this fuller form of religiosity/spirituality in the chronic disease and terminal disease communities. I find it extremely saddening that normal, healthy people would rarely seem to understand that we are all human, are all worthy of love and compassion, are all on journeys, are all seeking something.

As they say in the Lyme community, “ You don’t get it, till you’ve got it.”

So maybe wake up a bit, people. Quit with the  hate. Trust me, Jesus, Allah, Krishna, whoever you worship, would not/does not approve.

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