Stuffed Turkey Burgers

This recipe is sugar, corn, soy, nut, and gluten free. In it’s original form it is also dairy free.


OPTIONAL for those with lesser allergies (add other stuffings, veggies, cheese)


Also this goes well with the French Fry recipe from earlier.



Stuffed Turkey Burgers



You will need:


A bowl with steep sides

A skillet


Ground turkey/turkey burger


AND -American style


One (1) Tomato -diced

One (1) Potato -diced


OR Asian Style



Tofo Chunks

1 (one) carrot -diced


OR Chili style


Kidney beans -cooked

1 (one) tomato – diced



Step one: Thaw your ground turkey


Step two: Take your bowl and rub the interior with the oil of your choice, I use coconut oil.


Step three: Line your greased bowl with a layer of ground turkey. Go up the sides of the bowl as far as you can.


Step four: Choose your ingredients for your style. Dice them all as fine as you can. Then mix them together.


Step five: Put the diced ingredients in your bowl on top of the turkey burger. DO NOT MIX IT IN.


TIP: If you can are are adding herbs, cheeses, salt or other items this is where you would do it.


Step six: Fold the turkey from the upper sides of the bowl down onto the ingredients to make a pocket. Add more turkey if needed.


Step seven: Grease your skillet with your oil of choice


Step eight: Invert your bowl and plop burger into skillet – a spoon can help with a stuck burger and I also recommend you do this close to the pan. If you do it from too high above the skillet you end up with a turkey splat and ingredients everywhere.


OR you can invert the burger into your hand over a clean surface and place it into the pan.


Either one requires practice and you should not get too discouraged if you make a mess the first few attempts.


Cook in skillet until browned on one side, then flip and brown the other side.



To brown the sides of your burger, add a little water to the pan and cover for 10 to 15 seconds; the steam will cook it around the edges.


To keep your burger from bulging in the middle and to help the stuffing cook, make indentations in the patties with your thumb or a spoon.




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