Tutoring with MCS

I recently began a part time/mostly volunteer job tutoring English students – grade 3-Collegiate…and what a ride it’s been. So far all of my students have been great people, and truly tolerant ones that try to work with me, my schedule, and my very iffy health. But there is no denying this – when it … More Tutoring with MCS

No longer an “alleged writer” – writing again!

A quick little blog here to proudly announce the two new products in my Kindle store. They complement my actual legit press book nicely as they are something of a continuation upon the original dark fantasy and horror riff. Check them out. They are well worth the time. Also I am pleased to announce the … More No longer an “alleged writer” – writing again!

Aspie Thoughts

I do not write about my Aspergers as a rule, nor about autism in general. My experience as an adult Aspie with four fellow autists in my family and some autistic friends is that we all are quite simply quite different. Many shades and colors on the spectrum. But I feel a need to talk … More Aspie Thoughts

Huh, a demon catching soccer mom, sounds…um, what exactly?

As most of my readers here know I write for a living. I’ve even been published, and NOT just on Kindle. So yay, me, right? And I write in three genres, nonfiction (medical, history, random content), horror/dark fantasy, and cyberpunk. But the books on my desk right now – all gifts from my boyfriend – … More Huh, a demon catching soccer mom, sounds…um, what exactly?

Pray for me but….

Those who prefer pure civility and “play nice” probably should not read this. Stick to my Facebook statuses. You were warned. So….okay then. I was on Facebook today reading the various cute little photo quotes that people share and I came across this little gem. Beneath a fairly standard posting about loving all of ones’ … More Pray for me but….

I’m pro-slavery – I’d be a slave if…

I’ve been reading some interesting books here recently…books on history and also various copies of the Bible, including the Catholic one (as that was my Church)…and having discovered some interesting facts (like no alter or shrine to god made of worked stone or brick can be a church -Exodus 20:25 ), I have discovered that … More I’m pro-slavery – I’d be a slave if…

Bombing the Boomers – fair play for the Millennials

I panned the Millennials not that long ago and actually got back a few intelligent responses…I would like to note in my defense that I did say most Millennials were self-centered twits but also noted that not all of them were. Interestingly enough some of the “not-twits” replied to me with what they disliked about … More Bombing the Boomers – fair play for the Millennials