Social Media Free Challenge – Day 10

So Day 10 and while I am still being productive, I feel incredibly on edge. Rather like a big bag of jangly broken glass. I’d say I was definitely addicted to my likes! (Relevant music video here! – So today, I got curious and started looking into social media exterminating software. I figured that … More Social Media Free Challenge – Day 10

DAY 1 of my Second Annual Social Media Free Month

Today, I was really really bored. But apparently that is a good thing (according to Neil Gaiman, Dean Kamon, and others). And I have to say I was productive. I first cooked…baked chicken, kidney beans in the crock pot, baked turkey wings, baked white potatoes (those will be “french fries”  tomorrow – search this blog … More DAY 1 of my Second Annual Social Media Free Month

tl;dr and you

So here is my mini-rant of the day…   Why when trapped in limbo (waiting room, airport, doctor’s office, hospital room, car, parking lot) do I find a laptop in my lap?   In truth it only frustrates me more as it tends to demonstrate how very alone I actually am.   I write to … More tl;dr and you

Pray for me but….

Those who prefer pure civility and “play nice” probably should not read this. Stick to my Facebook statuses. You were warned. So….okay then. I was on Facebook today reading the various cute little photo quotes that people share and I came across this little gem. Beneath a fairly standard posting about loving all of ones’ … More Pray for me but….