Lyme Disease: Stories From the Front Lines of An Epidemic – Intro

Almost three years ago now, I started research for a book called Lyme Disease: Stories from the Front Line of An Epidemic. I started the book because I have Lyme Disease myself. Misunderstood, underfunded and not insurable, Lyme Disease is an orphan disease that has become something of a controversy of our age. Patients of … More Lyme Disease: Stories From the Front Lines of An Epidemic – Intro

The Polite Suicide

My life is the sin of suicide. I exist only because I am too polite not too. The man beneath the bridge might be traumatized. I walk past the tempting window… Fifteen stories up and not even a screen! …because there are children laughing below. Their thoughts are ice cream sunshine play dates. Who am … More The Polite Suicide

Suicide- Part 2

There is a maxim – that the shortest suicide notes are the most sincere. This is perhaps a truer truth than many of us might choose to recognize, and it also leaves us with the lingering question of why the person chose to do as they did. It is a question I find endlessly fascinating. … More Suicide- Part 2

Suicide….Part 1

Now let’s talk about suicide. Which would actually be the kinder, gentler option. I have been  suicidal. One does not get over that the way one gets over the flu. And I found your remarks on homicide and suicide rates to be interesting but I also had an intuitive sense that they were in some … More Suicide….Part 1