A list day – things I am allergic to.

I admit this is sort of filler, but people do keep asking me what I am allergic to precisely. So here is the list of things that make me reach for my Epipens…

  1. cat/dog hair

  2. cat/dog dander

  3. cat/dog saliva

  4. All mammal meats

  5. All dairy products

  6. Corn

  7. Wheat and all cereal grains

  8. Gluten

  9. Salt/Pepper and all condiments

  10. Almost all herbs

  11. Flowers/pollen

  12. Furniture wax, polish

  13. All petroleum products

  14. All pesticides

  15. All cleaning products

  16. Lotion, deodorant, perfume, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, hand creams, makeups. Colognes, hair gels, soaps, and most beauty products

  17. All petroleum products

  18. Propylene glycol

  19. Many plastics

  20. Smoke – wood or industrial

  21. Smoke – tobacco

  22. Air fresheners of any kind

  23. Sugar, honey

  24. Artificial sweeteners

  25. Almost all foods – twenty safe foods (mostly fish)

  26. Almost all beverages

  27. Most paper products

  28. Wax, glue, paint

  29. Mold, mildew, fungus

  30. Most laundry soaps, dish soaps

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