Things ARE not always cheaper on Amazon!

If you have severe allergies like me you sometimes find yourself actually in need of odd things.

Buying them can be difficult – shops rarely carry them, mail-order can be slow and difficult to search, and it is almost always expensive.

So most of us get lazy and just go to Amazon, right?

Since I am apparently allergic to most plastics and have to drink distilled water, my current quest is for  glass water jugs in a gallon, three gallon, or five gallon size. Or even in a 16oz -22oz  size.

So today while surfing looking for these items, I started as I usually do with mail order goods with Amazon.

A three gallon glass jar, two lids for same (sold separately), and a hand pump to empty it into my mug cost $84.98 before shipping.

A five gallon jug with two lids (included) and hand pump from – an industrial warehouse serving the construction industry cost $40.00 with shipping.

Half the cost for a better product. The Uline item even comes with a year’s warranty. The Amazon stuff did not.

I also was able to pick up a new unopened 22oz glass water bottle by Takeya with black silicon sleeve and carabiner clip for $10 with a two year warranty and free shipping on eBay.

The same bottle was $19.99 without warranty and before shipping on Amazon.

A hydration belt on LL Bean with warranty and free shipping cost me $27.00, the same belt cost $36.99 on Amazon with no warranty and before shipping.

have had similar experiences with organic cotton clothing, hats, radios, and furniture.

For dehydrated or specialty foods I find that or Trader Joes has the best deals.

So far what has worked best for me in general when it comes to saving every cent I can in order to pay the American Murder um Medical Association for my heath care has been a simple triumvirate of solutions…

  • coupons. I used to think these were uncool and a waste of time. Now I know better. Every cent counts and there are some great websites out there with coupon deals. I also use which allows you to shop major distributors at a discount, is free, and gives you a ten dollar gift card just for signing up.
  • industrial sales/wholesale websites – if you are looking for camping gear, workwear, gardening tools, tools, or chemical resistant supplies or even chemicals these sites are way better than big box options
  • DIY sites. Why buy it if you can make it. Usually recycled, upcycled or raw materials are far cheaper and usually far better than finished imported goods. I will own a levitating chair later this summer (could have had the bed but preferred to use less space) even though those items start at $8000 plus. I found a DIY site that explains how to make them and the raw materials ring up to about $150. Quite a difference.

All that noted, still has the ABSOLUTE best deals on books and movies out there so they won’t lose my business anytime soon.


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