Zero tolerance policy for hypocrites


Feeling angry today. I have spent most of the last month a) seriously ill and b) more isolated than ever.

One big lesson this month is that Facebook is really and profoundly a waste of time. It’s all social and no networking. You can talk about your kitty and get a million hits; and then go to any help forum and be ignored.

I have had this experience time and time again with an Autism “Aid” forum. I’ll ask a question as an adult with autism and be completely ignored by the people who are all rah rah for autism awareness.

I’ve had the same experience in Lyme, nutrition and dozens of other forums and groups.

Facebook is all about the social and not about the networking. It’s just a few million people shouting “Look at me! Aren’t I great?” The worst people are the hypocrites who push causes in order to make themselves look good…but don’t actually care about the people, animals, trees, Earth, or whatever in any real sense.

And if it sounds like I am trying to make this all about me, I would like to add that various people have turned down my offers to help them. I have made sincere offers of midnight phone calls, book reviews, publishing aid, anti-suicide chats, and even money or goods to people and then after a PM or two never heard from them again.

This is just weird.

And then there are people who espouse certain viewpoints or political leanings who are polite in the public forums and flame me in private.

And yes, I’m AUTISTIC which DOES mean that there will be times when I misunderstand or make incorrect statements…but rather than alert me to my faux pas, people just disappear or cuss me out and then disappear.

I SWEAR I would not be upset be genuine advice or honest criticism but calling me a “C^ntlapper” and unfriending me or deleting my emails is frustrating, immature and not at all helpful.

I’m too tired to deal with people who offer me aid or offer people like me (Autistic, Lymie, chronically ill) implied aid when they know they have no intention of delivering.

Or tell me that any help I might have to offer is not “good enough”. I sent one lady  twenty dollars for food – during a month when I was spending thousands on medical care. She wrote me back that my twenty was an insult and that I should have sent much more. She did not offer to return my “insult” however.

On both levels, screw that. My life is too short for that kind of bullshit.

So tomorrow I will be leaving every Facebook group I am a member of. I will be removing everyone who has not been a real friend to me from my lists. I’ll be doing the same with my email addresses and my address book.

If you are deleted and think it was an accident (possible as I am always exhausted these days) you are welcome to get back in touch and I’ll restore you to the database.

Other than that – goodbye. I’ll have fewer friends, yes, but they’ll be much higher quality.



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