Update Time.

Okay, update time.

It looks as if, Steve and I are about 97 percent certain to move.

On that front, we are both seriously scaling down our material possessions. I am selling, trashing or giving away about two thirds of what I own, although I am keeping the first rule in mind and holding onto tools, cookware, and “survival” basics.

The house will be smaller than the one we currently live in but is also an actual house on an actual foundation and in a quite neighborhood not too far away from downtown Greenville (or so we hope – the seller has not yet fully committed).

It also has a very nice fenced in backyard that Daniel’s cat should enjoy and which will be easier to maintain than our current two acres or ass deep grass and weeds.

The way this works is that as a senior Steve gets some tax breaks on the cost and as someone with diagnosed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity disorder I get money toward safe housing as well (or so we hope -application has been filed) so this move will actually be fairly reasonable as far as finances go.

And yes, my brother Daniel, will be moving with us and renting the third room.

On the health front, I have a newly printed and signed diagnosis for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder, Multiple Severe Food Allergy Syndrome, and my Lyme and Asperger’s diagnoses have both been renewed…

which is good because I may have to recertify for disability in December thanks to a new federal definition that says that people with Asperger’s Syndrome/High Functioning Autism are “normal” and thus do not require financial aid.

Also on the health front, I have reached my target weight of 125 lbs and am now merely trying to maintain it. I also need to replace some of it with muscle weight as my sedentary lifestyle has led to some fat buildup.

I am going to try to take up bicycling again. We’ll see if my balance is good enough for that. If so, I may also be selling my ailing gas guzzling V6 with a small motorcycle. Say a 150-250cc bike.

I may blip on and off the radar for a bit here as I work on my book -deadline for submissions mid-October, moving, my health, and my relationship with my infuriating but much loved partner, Steve Sarant.

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