Enhance your room and life with art – on a budget.

Today’s DIY – How to make your home look nicer with art on the cheap.

I am a serious art collector and fan of basic aesthetics. I am also an adult and so I figured I really needed to move away from the Avengers posters or bro code posters on my wall. After a certain age some things really are not acceptable. Not saying there are not artistic Avengers posters, just that most of us can’t afford the tasteful ones and look, really, Walmart should not be on your walls.
I personally am a huge fan of surrealist, fantasy, photography and glass-related art but I can’t afford a real Royo or Keith Parkinson print or even a decent Salvador Dali copy. NO Art Wolfe or Ansel Adams.
But I can afford calendars.
And no, I did not just buy a bunch of calendars and thumbtack the torn out pages on my wall.
What I did was buy a few of last years calendars cheap on Amazon.com – 12 or 16 images for around $12.00 USD.
Then I bought some midrange frames – $20.00 or so and I framed the images to make triptychs – three image groups – or collaged them to make full size posters.
My materials were the calendars, a ruler, some very sharp scissors, and the frames.
So instead of 1 artist’s print, unframed at $60, I have seven good looking prints, framed, for around $30. And my partner loves my room. Says it looks “Very sophisticated.”
So look, crafts are for everyone, regardless of gender, and some good art can make you look good and increase your chances of your favorite person returning to your space.
Just do it already.

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