So this is a very long shot but

I’m looking for two younger LGBTQIA brothers I met at the Peace Center on Monday April 18th in Greenville, SC.

This is not a weird stalker thing – but rather so I can apologize to them.

I am in a VERY long term loving relationship, but would not mind having some hang out buddies.

Anyway, I was absolutely thrilled to meet these young warriors for the cause and I spoke to them briefly. I found them intelligent, interesting, and personable. I wanted to offer to buy them coffees or drinks. But I got nervous and I also did not want to intrude upon their time.

I figured I’d follow up later. BUT because I am stupid – I also gave them my old business card – and because I am an idiot – I did not get ANY of their information. I got excited and my Asperger’s kicked in.

But to the point –

Three items of apology, dudes.

I forgot your names. I am horrible with names. You would not believe how long it took me to remember my own. 😉

I also paid more attention to one of you than the other – autists do that, so I wanted to say you are both valid people and both some of the bravest and coolest people I’ve met in awhile…

And three, I apologize if this blog is weird, or creepy, or strange.

You’ll probably never see it but I really wanted a chance to say this.

Be brave, be bold, be yourselves. People will oppose you, people will make your lives harder than they need to be, but know this – you are both totally awesome, bros. You rock and I hope you have completely awesome lives.


And if you do see this, and it’s creepy, forgive me and feel free to just stay out of touch…but if you ever need someone to talk to or to buy you a beverage, hit me up.

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