Hey Governor McCrory, DO NOT do this!

An open letter to Governor McCrory of North Carolina requesting a veto on a Bill that would set civil rights back by decades. It also, just for good measure, violates Constitutional law by superseding state and civil law.
I am really going to have to ask you to consider the Bill that supercedes various cities Civil Rights laws especially as they pertain to gender related bathrooms. Surely a man as educated as yourself understands that elimination of bodily toxins is a basic human right and that binary bathrooms are in fact, historically speaking, a relatively new concept. When in Ephesus, Saint Paul, the apostle) himself used a public restroom where the toilets were all communal (30 plus to a room with no stall walls) and open to the entire populous of 250,000 people. Saint Paul was not worried about the elimination of bodily toxins, but rather the toxins of the mind and soul rather specifically hatred, anger, bigotry, discrimination, and belligerence. Perhaps, Governor, you could emulate Saint Paul in this and not pass a bill that would allow both discrimination against and hatred for a fellow being.
Quite sincerely yours in faith,
Spenser Stephen Roberts.
I ask others to write Governor McCrory as soon as possible. http://governor.nc.gov/

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