Rant. Peeing is a HUMAN right.

Well, that did not take long. Some idiot just PM’d me to tell me they were concerned about my post re: Charlotte’s civil rights law. Among other things, this law allows transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice. This idiot felt -and I quote – “that this perverted law would allow grown men to rape little girls”. By that logic all men are rapists and all women are saints – dangerous thinking there since I can name three women’s aid locations bombed by women. And all gays and trans people are pedophiles – very dangerous thinking since clinical studies show that transgenders and gays are usually well within the range of the clinical norm unlike religious fundamentalists. So…
Dear idiot –
1) Binary, different sex bathrooms are a fairly new cultural thing. For millennia, people all used the same bathrooms. They were not huge rape-a-toriums. Rape occurred, sure, but it was not an everyday thing. And when it occurred men were as likely to be raped as women.
2) But more to the idiot’s point, Transgender does not equal rapist.
3) Transgender does not equal pedophile.
4) Straight, cisgender does not equal non-rapist.
5) Straight, cisgender does not equal non-pedophile.
6) Rapist in fact does not always equal pedophile (although there can be overlap here)
7) Transwomen are women – and thus are usually attracted to men.
8) Lesbian transwomen are attracted to women – not little girls.
9) Lesbian women are not attracted to little girls.
10) Transmen are men and thus not attracted to little boys.
11) Gay transmen are not attracted to little boys.
12) Lesbian pedophiles are attracted to little girls which would make them dangerous in ladies just as gay males pedophiles are attracted to little boys and are dangerous in mens rooms.
13) Rapists are dangerous in bathrooms.
14) Pedophiles are dangerous in restrooms.
15) That said, 99% of rapists are white heterosexual males. Of these people 42% were married or had access to consensual sex. Rape is about anger and adventure not about sex.
16) Most rapists rape family or friends not strangers.
SUMMARY: LGBTQA adults are not rapists or pedophiles as a rule and come into bathrooms to pee/poop/vomit.
Rapists or pedophiles are people with a severe mental aberration who could be either sex and either orientation and come into bathrooms to pee/poop/vomit – since raping strangers is comparatively rare (4/5 rape victims know their rapist well) and bathrooms are a dangerous place to rape as chances of being caught are higher.
So actually, chances are against your kid being raped in a bathroom. Statistically and scientifically speaking. (Unless of course you rape them.)
Finally, Idiot, three choices here:
Go into the damn bathroom with your damn kid. You should be doing this even in a utopian world. So the kid learns to wipe, flush, and follow basic hygiene rules, and if he/she slips in pee or on a wet floor and gets hurt, you are there to help them.Thanks.
Don’t use public restrooms because ANYONE and EVERYONE might be a rapist.
Do some freaking research and grow the fuck up. You might start here…https://rainn.org/get-information/statistics/sexual-assault-offenders.
Thanks for reading.

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