Oven “grilled” tuna steaks

You will need:

A ridged oven “grill” pan


Sharp knife


Tuna steaks

Apple juice

Apple slices


Thaw the tuna steaks and put them in the grill pan.

Then using a sharp knife crosshatch the surfaces of the steaks with a sharp knife.

This scoring allows for three things to happen

  • it allows juices to escape more evenly, preventing bubbles and meat explosions
  • it allows heat to enter more evenly thus preventing exterior char and interior rawness
  • it allows your marinade to more fully penetrate the meat.

Did I forget to mention the marinade? 😉

That is what your apple juice is for.

I prefer to use organic unsweetened juice as it cooks more evenly. I am using the marinade as a tenderizer –  see below if you want to caramelize the steaks.

Using a very steady light pour (or a marinade brush or your fingertips), coat the tops of the steak and fill in the score lines with apple juice.

Try to keep the juice from making direct contact with the pan. It will burn and make smoke…possibly even ignite. This is why caramelizing is tricky. (See below).

Next slice your apple into thin rings and place these on top of your steaks.

Place the pan in the oven.

For a more tender steak – cook at 250 for 20 minutes.

For a steak with a more “charred” exterior – cook at a higher temperature for a shorter time.

For a caramelized steak

Add a blender to the things you will need.

Dice the apples as small as possible and put them in the blender. Add the apple juice.

Blend until you have a puree.

Parcook your steaks naked until they are about half way done.

Then take them out of the oven and spread your puree onto the tops of the steaks.

Again try not to get this puree directly on the pan.

Bake at 350-450 degrees while you STAND there and watch. You’ll have to check regularly to make sure your puree is NOT burning. When puree is brown and meat is a medium gray, you are done.

If you are a professional cook or have professional equipment you can make the  caramelization a glaze by turning the oven to high heat for about a minute to “toast” the glaze. Good luck with that. I’ve never gotten a hard glaze right.


Serve and enjoy.




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