The Lazy Person’s Workout. Yup, This is Me.

If you are as lazy as I am, then exercise is probably a big issue for you. I know I really really have to cheat to do the bare minimum. And this is very sad as exercise really is as close to a health care “magic bullet” as we are ever going to get – proven to help with ADD, ADHD, Depression, Schizophrenia, Cancer prevention, Cardiac health, addiction and so much more.

So in honor of my battle to just get up out of the chair and move around a bit, here are some tips and tricks for those who’d rather have a body built by Playstation.

But first an important reminder of another important reason to be healthy.


That said, we will begin with an actual set of tricks for those of you still reading this.

Lazy Exercise Program

  • Don’t use elevators or escalators; instead, take the stairs. Start with one such substitution a day, and build up slowly. Don’t do 50 floors on your first day. Take the elevator up to 45 on Day one, and 40 on Day 3, and so on.
  • Stop circling parking lots and fighting for the closest spot. Park a little bit farther away from the office or mall, and walk. And if it’s rain – d’uh, that’s what raincoats and umbrellas are for. And just knot the bags closed on you way out.
  • If you take the bus or subway, get off one or two stops early and walk the rest of the way.
  • Vacuum more often, change the sheets more often, mop the floor more often. These get your heart pumping, which means they are excellent calorie burners.
  • Eliminate one “treat” food from your diet per week. Actually this will help you discover any food allergies you may have as well. If you ditch the corn chips and feel 100% better, then you know to stop with the corn.
  • Walk one mile three days per-week. Sure buy a pedometer…and do not walk a mile o the ice cream shop, okay?
  • Drink plain water in place of your normal soda.
  • Black coffee only. If you are seeking the health benefits of coffee, drink coffee. Not some customized coffee shop beverage that you made up and thinks makes you look cool – while really just annoying the barista and all the people behind you in line.
  • Are you sitting at a computer most of your working hours? Get up every hour to do something. Walk the stairs, do body weight squats, get on the floor for some abs, or walk during your lunch break. Look into resistance band office workouts as well. Many are office chair modified.
  • Vending machines are evil. They are overpriced, too close to your office, and full of stuff that will kill you. Bring your own snacks.
  • When grocery shopping, stay out of the center of the store. Walk the perimeter. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are all stored against the walls. So you’ll both eat healthier and get more exercise.
  • Store your dried cooking stuff in a pantry or a shelf in a room as far from the kitchen as possible. You’ll have to walk a bit further for the rice but again you are getting more exercise.
  • Put your running shoes, bike, or gym bag where you’ll see it. Better yet put them where you’ll trip over them. It’s hard to say you forgot about running when you stumble over your shoes on your way into the bathroom.
  • Look into “body weight” or “prison” exercise routines. No gym fees, no equipment, and no excuses.
  • Go outside. Do your pull ups on a tree branch. Get into Parkour. Walk a dog. The fresh air, change in environment and chance to meet new people are all good for you.

So let’s get started, I think I need to go to the…crap, who put my bike helmet there?!?


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