Cooking catfish almondine

Hello, Contant Readers.

Today’s blog is for the foodie followers, the guys and girls who brave the kitchen and cook their own foods.

Today’s recipe is gluten, soy, dairy,corn, and sugar free.

It does contain salt and nuts. The salt can be omitted but the nuts can’t SO IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO TREE NUTS THIS RECIPE IS NOT FOR YOU!

You will need:



a empty jar with a lid

almonds -slivered or sliced

almond meal

catfish planks -bonus points if you caught and cleaned them yourself

almond or peanut oil (preferably almond)

This meal also requires a bit of prep time, about 12 hours for the first and ironically easiest step, and then the rest can be thrown together in about fifteen minutes.

  1. Put some almonds, salt, and almond oil in the jar. Close the lid and shake it to distribute the salt and oil around the nuts. Let this mixture sit over night in order to soften the almonds.
  2. NEXT DAY: Thaw your catfish
  3. Get your skillet and pour about half the almonds and oil into the skillet.
  4. Place the catfish planks on top of the almonds and oil.
  5. Pour the rest of the almonds and oil on top of the planks and sprinkle with almond meal.
  6. Fry on medium high heat, flipping fish frequently. Use spatula to keep oil and nut mix from burning to bottom of the pan.
  7. Cook until the fish looses it’s firm texture and becomes more flaky.

Place on plate and serve.

I like to serve this fish with a side of sweet potato or sweet potato fries, but white potato fries, chips, or even grilled tofu slices also work well.

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