The American Car – Intro

Dear readers,

Tomorrow I hope to launch a several part series on the art and profession of driving.

While most Americans no longer drive so much as commute, for a goodly portion of our history driving has been a coming of age ritual, a tool for romance, a statement of independence, and a means of getting around one of the largest countries on the planet.

We roadtrip, work, play, and lose our virginity in our cars. We use them as extensions of our homes and as ourselves.

We will always remember our first car, and sadly, many of will die in cars as well.

The first essay in this series comes to us from ex-Englishman (if there is such a thing), Mr. Evelyn James. He is a bit outspoken but his thoughts make some interesting points and also open doorways to some of our future blog articles, the majority of which will be written by guest authors.

I’ve already read a few of them and whether you are a rally racer, a soccer mom, a transporter, or a courier, or just a car aficionado, you are definitely in for a treat.

So ladies and gents, we depart tomorrow on a journey of the American roadways and in a plethora of cars.

Your chauffeur,



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