A friendly reminder and warning

Hello, and welcome again to Bohica Lyme.

For those of you who are new this is a blog about growing up and becoming a responsible human being in a culture that fears death, is youth fixated, and believes that “adulthood” is a semi-mystical state.

This blog is for everyone who is feeling a little lost – despite their race, religion, politics, creed, gender, age, social status, or any other largely arbitrary label.

In this blog, I will continue to explore everything from cooking to how to build a house and yes, sometimes the guys wear the apron and the ladies hang the sheet rock. I am all for actual equality. I will also continue to post about chamber pots, IKEA, and tropes, memes, and trends.

Since I am a guy, there may be times when I write to my bias. If so, I apologize, I am only human. I can only promise to try to live by my creed that people are not things.

I am also NOT even a little bit interested in ego tripping, online, in person, or behind the lectern. If that is your thing, and if you have mistaken egocentricism for power, well, peace be upon you, but please go read Donald Trump’s websites and books. You’ll be wasting your time here.

A caveat here, no doubt I will offend many.

Again if you believe Ronald Reagan rode a velociraptor and killed commies with a machine gun whilst single-handedly revolutionizing economics, or if you refer to people who are different from you as “it” then please go elsewhere to do your readings.

Finally, although I seek to be the Renaissance definition of a gentleman and a scholar, the dense idea posts will be kept to a minimum here (I have a blog for those) as on this page I hope to stick to the practical and the utilitarian, the hows and whats of life rather than the whys.

Being who I am there will inevitably be essays and forays into the abstract here, but there will also be information on how to cook gluten free, tie a tie, put on a girdle, and how to fix a tractor.

It seems to me that in an age where twenty year olds act like teens, thirty year olds act like tweens and blogs about finding oneself and one’s way through the minefield of daily existence abound, I would do better to actually try to help people with manageable realistic steps for accomplishing their goals rather than indulge in abstract discussions on why goals are important.

Besides other people write about those things and with far more skill than I!

To all of my current readers – thanks and please stick around – to new readers welcome.

There will be more up soon.

And I will be presenting some guest essays! My circle of friends includes pickpockets, symphony conductors, Harvard professors, teachers, skaters, convicts, musicians, and more and some have kindly offered to help with content. So yay!

I’m deeply excited! Please stand by for more…

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