Social relations. Sigh.

So I feel like a total dweeb today.

As my long term readers know, I don’t give a fine flying about age, rage, gender, religion, or racecar preference, but you’d have trouble figuring that one out today.

See, I met a really cool person named Marty at a local store in my new city. Marty was very friendly and shares my interest in Star Trek. (I use to DM in the Star Trek GURPS universe and I was wearing my Fleet hoodie.)

Anyway, me – FTM, Aspie, shy – everything I said came out sounding utterly stupid. Worse yet, Marty appeared to be a fellow being on the LGBTQ spectrum and I think I botched the pronouns. Course, I am so new to the spectrum I botch my own pronouns but still…no excuses right.

Anyway, I went back to apologize and to give Marty my card. I wanted to ask her (I think) to come hang out sometime, talk a little Star Trek and see if maybe she’d be interested in joining my new RPG circle…


yup, I made it worse. I think I was too forward and too weird and instead of just getting that I was offering to be friends, she thought I was hitting on her.

Gods, I am an idiot…

So my request for the day – tips and tricks for interacting with ANY other human being. Please share yours in the comments below…

and yes, I will be researching and bloging on this topic myself in the near future.

Oh well, Marty, if you kept my card and read this…I could still use a friend.

If the card got tossed…well, at least I learned something about what I need to be working on.


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