Got the upper bunk? No worries.

So you drew the short straw in the dorm, the barracks, or you just had to go vertical for space. Either way now you have the top bunk and you have to both make due with it and make it.

Don’t panic.

This is actually easier than it seems.

You can do it in about two minutes if you do a little prep on the ground first.

Take each blanket and spread it on your floor or on a table if you have one. Then roll it up the way you would roll a carpet.

Do all of them even your sheets.

Next take off your shoes, epipens, watches, phones – anything likely to hang on the bunk frame and carry your first sheet up to the bunk.

Place the sheet at the head of the bunk and get on yourself. Unroll your sheet -making yourself into the bed.

Do not try to tuck it in.

Once you reach the foot of the bed get onto the now unrolled sheet and tuck it in.

Now return to the ground level.

This time carry up all of your blankets. You will partially unroll the first one and tuck it in.

Then you will place the second one on the first and tuck it in.

The third goes on top of the second and gets tucked in.

Then you will move from the unfinished half of the bed to the finished half and unroll the first sheet and tuck it all the way in.

Then the second one.

Then the third.

Finally you return to ground level and throw your pillows up.

I know this sounds very complicated in words so you can link to an album on Facebook with pictures here.

Or you can visualize it thus.

_____() comforter

_________() first blanket

_____________() second sheet

__________________() first sheet          YOU         foot of bed.


One thought on “Got the upper bunk? No worries.

  1. Wish I had this information when I had a loft bed in college. Thirty years too late. LOL! Miss you my friend!!!


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