RANT WARNING – People are not things – revisited, again.

This is a short rant, perhaps not long enough to really be a blog, but too long for Facebook or Twitter.

I am really saddened by all the label shit. There is so much division in search of something real which should be simple – love and humanity. I know it’s probably not intended that way, but damn. This is making people things – labels – asexual, panromantic, trans, nonbinary, gay, lesbian, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Other, old, young, stupid, smart.

I wish I lived in a world where I could say “Hi, I’m Spenser, this is my friend, Sid, and this is Terry and Mary and Cris” and Terry and Mary and Cris could pee wherever, and date whoever, and work wherever, and no one would have to resort to a label to bloody well explain their behavior.

All toilets should be gender neutral – in fact there should not even be a word for this. You need to pee, pee. All restaurants should offer full menus so the dude who has allergies and the lady with cancer and the guy with no problems at all can all sit down at the same place and eat. Skin tone should never play a role in a social equation. Gender either. Nor illness. Or musical taste. Or whatever.

The only distinctions would be medical and for survival purposes – dark skin in Minnesota, take more Vitamin D, came from Ireland, remember your kidneys are weaker and alcoholism more genetically prevalent, American Indian, you too, on the alcohol thing, alcohol and diabetes are more prevalent, neurological “fault”, here’s a work around – BUT THIS STUFF should NEVER have a SOCIAL/POLITICAL bearing on how people are treated. Like ever. Period.

Labels create boundaries, labels create us or them, labels are how we end up in wars, with police beatings, with genocides, and teen suicides, and bullying.

I treat all comers on a case to case basis and really wonder why the rest of the population of our only currently habitable planet can’t do this as well so we can move on the bigger issues, things like habitable planets, and starvation, and disease.

Sigh. I am an idealist and iconoclast tilting at windmills.

Hunkering down for the flaming now.


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