EDC and curiosity – a lazy man’s post

So it is currently very popular among a certain sector of the male population to carry EDC kits – or Every Day Carry kits – and these kits range from the minimalist to the maximalist, with some people carrying a key ring of small tools and others resorting to the man bag to carry their every day must have items.

Given that Lifehacker features a bag a week – everything from soldiers and police, EMS, hickers, hipsters, techies, gamers, preppers, and even the well prepared ladies, this is not something I feel a need to really write about at length but I’m curious do you EDC? And if so what is your kit like?

I’ll get the ball rolling with a picture of mine. I usually either cargo carry in my EMT pants or wear a travel vest so my kit is not the maximimum (Maxpedition TM) bag or the minimalist key ring but somewhere in between.

I am a trained and licensed First Responder and a medical courier, though and I also have special needs – so add two Epipens, my spill kit, my bio cooler, and my EMT jump kit (which stays in my car) – not pictured – here to the pile.

As you can see I have a storm whistle, med alert tag, pill fob, guitar pick pouch, and mini swiss army knife on an S ‘biner along with my house and car key.

I also have a box of waterproof matches, an orienteering compass (w/mag glass), a notepad, a Fisher Space Pen, an LG 4G smartphone (I’m always on call), my wallet, and two glowsticks. I will sometimes add a small Canon point and click camera and a spare battery for it to the mix.

That’s it for my on person carry.

Anyone else care to share? If so I’ll post your list or list and pic on my blog as a featured EDC kit.


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