Allergy Free Spaghetti

So you promised to make dinner and you’re in above your head.

Well, do not freak out, here is how to make that ever popular meal – spaghetti. Now there are literally thousands of spaghetti recipes with all sorts of meats, cheeses, vegetable sauces and so on, but I’m going to talk about one recipe here. The hypoallergenic gluten free. And trust me, you can do this. Both recipes are really easy and only take about fifteen minutes.

So grab your favorite apron, wash your hands, and let’s do this.

You will need:

a roll of hamburger or turkey burger

a can of tomato sauce

a box of GF spaghetti noodles or rice noodles

coconut oil

Optional: chopped green pepper, onions, or tomato

Your weapons will be:

a skillet

a spatula

a big pot with a lid

a large spoon


cutting board




Thaw your hamburger or turkey burger. (I have to use turkey, but if you can do beef, feel free.)

I usually just peel the roll out of the plastic, put it on a glass plate, and give it two minutes in the microwave. Pour the excess fat down the sink and set the plate aside. (Remember to run some hot water and soap down the drain to keep the oil from clogging your sink!)

Get your big pot and fill it ¾ way with water. Add ¼ teaspoon (one cap) of oil to the water, and turn it on. Turn that burner on to medium.

If you are using rice noodles put them in cold water to soak until you are ready to cook them.

Next, you want to prepare your sauce.

On a clean cutting board, use a very sharp knife, and chop up your allergy safe vegetables into small pieces. I can use tomato and onions. You can feel free to add whatever else you can eat as well.

Put the diced vegetables in your blender. Use the chop function and then the mix function to render the cubes down into a thick sauce. Or if you have a pulse blender, pulse until you have the right look.

Set the sauce aside.

Now oil your skillet. The easiest way to do this is to pour about a one inch puddle in the center of the skillet and then take a clean paper towel or napkin and use that to spread the oil so that it coats the entire bottom of the pan.

Then wash your hands again really really well. Then using your now clean hands, shred the hamburger or turkey burger into the skillet, rinse your hands off, and turn your burner to medium (about 5 or 6 if your stove controls are numbered).

Your water should be boiling by now. Turn it down.

Now using your spoon, stir the hamburger as it cooks using a rapid side to side motion. Don’t let the meat clump up and try to keep it moving. Do this until all the meat is light brown.

Okay, here is an optional step. If you want a THICKER sauce, drain off the hamburger oil and fat again. If you want a thinner sauce, skip to the next step.

Then turn the heat down to medium low (3-4) and add your spaghetti sauce. You are going to want to slowly pour the sauce into the skillet with the meat while you continue to stir it. Once you have the sauce to a thickness you like, you can either stir in your vegetables or if you are making a straight meat sauce, you can skip down.

Once you have the sauce mixed and stirred turn it all the way down to low to keep it warm.

Turn your water pot up to hot (6-8) and add your noodles. They will froth and steam. That’s fine. Laying a wooden spoon across the center top of the pot will keep them from boiling over. After about five minutes on high your noodles should be soft. If not give them a bit more time.

BUT don’t overcook them. You want them to drape over your fork, not turn into glue.

Once your noodles are soft, drain them carefully.

Then all you have to do is put the noodles on a plate, add the sauce and dinner is served.


Add a pinch of salt or shredded cheese if you can.

Add a side salad or vegetable instead of the traditional bread. (Or read my everything free bread recipe!)

And congratulations, you made dinner. Your partner will love you. And you’ll have a great evening.

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