“Everything free” Burrito/Taco filler – GF, SF, dairy, corn, grain free

Here is an intermediate recipe for those who have the time to invest. This is basically a crock pot recipe although my abuela used to make the same stuff in a large covered cast iron pot. Either way you will need eight hours of prep time for the kidney beans – or buy them pre-cooked.

You will need:

A crockpot

A skillet

A sharp knife

A spatula


Kidney beans

Turkey burger, chicken, or turkey

A large tomato

A large avocado

The fatty flavorful version:::

Make a pot of kidney beans in a crock pot.

  1. Wash kidney beans
  2. Place in crock pot
  3. Add enough water to submerge beans completely
  4. Cook overnight on low

Make chicken, turkey or turkey roll (those without allergies may use other meats)

  1. Place meat in skillet
  2. Fry with coconut oil until ALMOST cooked
  3. Pour whole skillet including oil and meat dripping into the crockpot with the beans

Add one cup of uncooked white rice to the crockpot.

If you want the vegetable flavors mixed in and subtle

  1. Dice one large tomato
  2. Dice one ripe avocado
  3. Add them directly to the crockpot.

If you want a sharper vegetable flavor – cook the beans and chicken separately and add vegetables when serving.

Add a pinch of sea salt (non allergics may use salt)

Turn the crock pot back onto low and cook for 1- 1 and ½ hours.

Serve on tortillas or as a “Mexican Chili” with chips or as tacos (with added vegetables).

The low fat and no salt version are pretty much the same, except of course, those who wish to eat healthier should drain the meat thoroughly and omit both the oil and salt.


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