DAY 1 of my Second Annual Social Media Free Month

Today, I was really really bored.

But apparently that is a good thing (according to Neil Gaiman, Dean Kamon, and others).

And I have to say I was productive.

I first cooked…baked chicken, kidney beans in the crock pot, baked turkey wings, baked white potatoes (those will be “french fries”  tomorrow – search this blog for my allergy free burger and fries recipes!) and then I cleaned. I did all of my dishes, pans, utensils, etc and then wiped down all the counter tops, stove top and stove hood, walls and cabinet facings, and scrubbed the baseboards. I even washed out the sinks. Then I put the dried dishes away in the proper places clearing the counters for the first time in , well, maybe a few months or more.

My kitchen is the cleanest and most allergy safe it has been in two years.

After that, I scrubbed out the bathrooms, tub, toilet, sink, shower grout; wiped down the mirrors and got the touth paste off the walls, and then took a shower in my very clean bathroom.

I made a Goodwill box.

I got rid of a lot of trash, all neatly bagged and taken down to the curb.

And I sat down and wrote a five page short story.

I am actually itching to do some impulse shopping (Sigh – block Amazon) or check Facebook – and brag about all this there in true-to-type shallow American fashion, but so far I have resisted the urge.

Next, I think I will go outside and bring in all my seedlings so the frost does not kill them, and cover the plants that are already bedded out. March is such a very treacherous month.

And maybe I’ll write some more later. I have a great recipe for an allergy free “Denny’s scramble” that I really should share.


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