How to Get the Job – (An autism specific listicle)

  1. Start your prep the day before the interview.

  2. Know who you are talking to. Do some research. Google them.

  3. Know about the company. Find their web page and read it.

  4. Clean out your car…many companies will check out your vehicle for cleanliness and hints as to your personality. Remove any tools, toys or clutter that might help them out. Or add things that might help you out. Applying at Publix? Put a Publix bag on the seat in plain view. If you have time – remove any offensive bumper stickers. You can find tips on how to do that quickly online.

  5. Dress yourself appropriately. A polo shirt and slacks will work for most blue collar interviews. A dress shirt, blazer, tie, and slacks are good for white collar interviews. Tee-shirts and sweats are NEVER appropriate. And pay attention to your shoes.

  6. Wear a watch – even if you usually don’t. A watch implies you are time conscious and suggests you are not a cell phone addict.

  7. Speaking of which, leave the cell phone in your glove box. Period.

  8. When entering the office, move something, even if it is just a chair this will make you feel more in control and also signals the interviewer subconsciously that you feel like you, not he/she is in control.

  9. When asked a question –

    Start by repeating the question in a rephrased form

    This suggest you understand the question.

    Answer the question clearly and concisely – blue collar

    Answer the question with a short clear story – white collar

    This shows you respect the other persons time – blue collar

    This shows you are capable of linear narrative thought

    Create a personal association

    For yourself and the interviewer

    Feign NT sincerity – and try to be sincere

    Make eye contact, mirror the interviewers gestures, nod, smile or frown appropriately

    Use silence as a tool

    This gives you time to think and also suggests that you are comfortable and alpha in the situation

    Be specific

    If you studied this will really help you out here

    NEVER lie or pretend to knowledge you do not have

    If you are caught, you’re screwed and the person across the desk will feel insulted.

    If you really do not understand ask a question

    This shows you actually care about the job

    Avoid all swear words and slang

    This makes you look and sound more professional

  10. When you leave thank the interviewer/s for their time and wish them well

  11. When you get home send a followup thank you email or note thanking the person for their time


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