Autism Speaks – and perseverates and rants

One of the worst things about being an autist is that there are times when you literally cannot get your needs met because you literally cannot formulate a request for help.

There has been an ongoing thing here for me wherein I have been perseverating on a situation and where I can literally think of nothing else at all for more than say five minutes at a time. I’m not eating, I’m losing sleep and there is no one who can help me with this.

I have explained this situation at length in words and in writing to several people as best I can, and I have also attempted to explain it – in an ignored email to the problem person. I have made clear how important this is and what it means to me. 

To me the solution is very simple. Someone else needs to ask a very specific yes no question of the person I’m having problems with. It is a seven word question…

but my partner won’t ask it because he says it sounds irrational and because he is preoccupied wholly with himself

my friends won’t ask it because they do not know the person in question

and my doctor won’t ask it because he does not know the person in question even though he agrees it should be asked and that my partner should ask it.

AND I can’t ask it because the person is upset with me and won’t answer my emails or calls…

…but the question – seven words remember – would show the target person that there is/was a huge misunderstanding and give me a chance to start over.

SO WHY THE F^CK IS IT SO HARD TO GET SOMEONE TO ASK THIS SIMPLE STUPID QUESTION – especially my partner who can see how much agony and suffering I am in as my brain loops and end loops continuously depriving me of ALL rest?


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