EI/MCS Packing List?!?

An Environmental Illness/Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Packing List

So for Christmas this year, my fiancee gave me a vacation.

I was and am furious. This is the STUPIDEST most INCONSIDERATE fucking “gift” ever.

For those of you who don’t know, I suffer from 150+ blood test confirmed food allergies and over 75 blood test confirmed chemical allergies. I am even allergic to Benedryl!

I don’t ever leave my house unless I have zero food or bath soap and then I ALWAYS take two(2) epipens and someone who knows how to use them with me.

But since he can’t get his reservations canceled, I guess I’ll go.

Here is an absurd list of the things we will be taking with us for safety.

You might note some items that are not on this list – like deodorants, lotions, shampoos, etc…that’s because I am allergic to everything scented, including essential oils and the plants they are distilled from…as well as salt and baking soda.

Please note that I CANNOT eat out and that I CANNOT use other peoples bedding. Especially hotel bedding!

Note this is a three (3) day trip by car (as I cannot do airplanes or boats)



Clothes – 6 of everything

Clothes for the day with backup


Swim shoes

Allergic to all pool area and bathroom cleaners



Allergic to all carpet and floor cleaners



Toiletry bag

Dove Unscented Soap bar

ONLY soap I am not allergic to

Sleeping bag

Can’t sleep on their bedding – allergic to materials and detergents



2 minimum – more if I can scrounge some


Allergic to material of hotel towels and detergent


Can’t use other’s glasses – allergic to dish detergent

Water for 3 days

Can’t drink chlorinated or fluoridated or chloriminated (chlorine/ammonia) city water and I need to carry water with me in case I touch an unsafe (most) surfaces


911 will be called in all probability

Cell charger

And this makes sure it can be called

Emergency ID – bracelet and food allergy pin

Allergy tee-shirts

Two awareness teeshirts for public spaces


3 days worth of foods I can actually eat as I cannot eat out


As I CANNOT use a microwave others have cooked in due to cross contact issues

Air mask


At least it’s winter – in summer I get followed around by security gaurds

Camp plate/bowl set

Can’t use others plates – allergic to dish detergents


I am allergic to ink, paper, book mildew

Kindle charger

Coconut oil

2 thoughts on “EI/MCS Packing List?!?

  1. Packing up probably feels like you are moving out. I’m chemically sensitive (not as sensitive as you) so I get the “how in the world do you expect me to be able to do this” feeling. I also know that mentally it does me a lot of good to get away. I pay for it but for me it is worth it. And with a car trip, I always know that the car is safe for me.

    I hope you enjoy your trip.


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