You Might (Also) Be An Autist If…

So people occasionally ask me how I as an Aspie (Person with Asperger’s Autism) think differently from the norm. Well, this is really very superficial but


You have ever passed up food, warmth or a bathroom for “aesthetic reasons”

Examples:     Four hamburgers fit in the tupperware. Three looks empty, so you skip the hamburger in order to perserve the symmetry or the extra blanket is too big or too small for your bed, or the wrong color, so you go without.

You have ever been willing to hold your pee for eight plus hours so you could go when you got home.

You have ever been angry because your partner used the wrong bowl when he made you supper, or brought you the wrong fork.

You have ever become deeply totemistically attached to a stuffed animal…whose presence is guaranteed and whose behavior is predictable.
(Mine is a tiger named Artemis and I CANNOT sleep without him.)

You can hear and are annoyed by the television playing four houses down. BONUS POINTS if you have ever considered going to ask them to turn it off.

You answer rhetorical questions.

Play conversations from the day back in your head eight plus hours later seeking hidden meanings. BONUS POINTS if you have ever brought those conversations up a day or a week or a year later.

You get angry when a movie ending is not what you expected it to be or if it varies from the CANON.

You have EVER spent more than an hour worrying about whether or not to shake someone’s hand, BONUS POINTS if you wonder if you can do it right.

Doctors and nurses and dentists scare the bejezus out of you since it is guaranteed they will do something to make you very unhappy. (Touch your teeth, or your feet, or ask if you peed today)

Have ever skipped brushing your teeth because it felt “funny”

You have ever refused to meet in a public place because you can’t differentiate one voice from another or understand words in high background noise situations.

Have to have your food just so. And not just flavors, but also colors, scents, and textures.

Have ever gone without bra, underpants, socks, or belts, or have cut all the tags out of your clothing because you don’t like the way they feel.

If you have ever gotton a very very short haircut or grown your hair very very long despite the styles or looks you get because of the way it feels. (I wear my hear very very short because I can’t stand the way it tickles against my skin. If I grow it too long, you’ll see me swatting or pawing at my scalp.)

An AC hum can keep you up literally all night – and your friends and partner/spouses can’t even hear it.

Bright flashing lights annoy or fascinate you.

You have trouble knowing how to begin or end a conversation.

You have ever refused to enter a new place alone the first time.

You have ever been in trouble with the TSA, Police, or other authority figures because your behavior did not “jibe”. Sad but true, especially as these people are supposed to help us or serve us.

You have ever bored someone to tears and potential suicide on some esoteric subject you are really interested in and the rest of the world probably is not.

You talk “nonstop”.

You have personal space or touching issues.

You are impulsive and have a poor time sense. So later means pretty much nothing when the food, toy, tool is in your hand.
You absolutely have to touch the fuzzies, see the clouds roll in, or smell the scents. (I personally cannot walk through a Walmart or other store without touching every     fuzzy thing there. I am also facinated by glass textures.)



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