Severe Allergies vs NO BATHROOM!

People ask me about what the hardest part of living with insanely severe food and environmental allergies. Well, everything really, but one biggie is attempting to repair any household problem…and we recently discovered a big one. There was a shower head leak (ignored) that led to molding inside the shower wall. That mold could not be ignored, so the shower wall had to be replaced.

And that means that I could not stay in the house.

I’ll explain below and italicize what I am allergic to.

Since my partner could not hire a contractor we hired a handyman and prepared stuff for him as required by law. We hung plastic sheeting (plastic, tape) and opened windows and installed fans. We also removed all porous objects from the bathroom.

They had to remove the old shower wall (which peeled the paint)
Cut out the sheetrock behind the shower wall (mold and mold spores and sheetrock dust)
Replace the sheetrock and mud the cuts (dust, joint compound)
Repaint everything (paint, paint fumes)
Glue up the new shower walls (adhesive, caulk, plastic)
Repaint the walls above the plastic shower walls (paint, paint fumes)

We COULD NOT and DID NOT allow them to spray mold killing agents as I am allergic to those as well but we did have them do white vinegar and salt wipes as often as possible.

Even so, I cannot enter my own home at all. I cannot use my bathroom, take a shower, cook or sleep in the house.

I called eight hotels and explained my issues and all eight told me they could not offer me a room due to safety or insurance issues.

I called two relatives. Both just refused guests.

All the rest of my friends and relatives have dogs (dander), cats (dander), smoke, smoke, or were

a) out of the country (Ireland)
b) out of the country (Germany)
c) out of the country (Italy)
d) had a full house (funeral)
e) had health problems of their own
f) simply did not want a house guest.

So I pee in a bucket, sleep in my car, wash with the hose, eat outside once a day, and shower once a day at the gym if possible. I have to go a mile out to use the bathroom for the other stuff, and run my car AC so as not to die in our 90-100 degree (Fahrenheit) weather. So I have to go buy gas as well.

This is day 3 of a “4 hour” job…and Steve would have SAVED money if he had hired a contractor…

especially as one member of the crew botched the job, one member walked off with the work unfinished, and the others are googling how to do the job on their phones. There is also one to whom females are invisible. The result being he talks to my mechanically inept brother, my brother talks to me, I give my brother the answer, my brother answers the guy…and this happens if we are both standing RIGHT IN FRONT of the man! Obviously he has NEVER heard of women’s liberation.

Someone buy me some toilet paper, some books, and hey, how about a Powerball ticket?

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