Everything Free Turkey Pot Pie

Everything Free Turkey Pot Pie

I was craving comfort food the other day and so hit upon this recipe. This recipe is sugar, gluten, corn, soy, dairy and salt free. If you can add those things, feel free.

You Will Need:

Baking pan with deep sides
Sharp Knife
Mixing bowl (medium to large)
Mixing bowl (small)
Cutting board
Coconut Oil
Eggs (4)
Turkey tenderloin or breast
Peas (1 can or half of pound of frozen)
Potatoes (3)
Almond Flour (2 cups)
Potato Flour (2 cups)
Coconut cream/milk (optional)

NOTE: This recipe requires some precooking. I did mine the day before.

Step One: Precook the turkey breast until it is ALMOST done. The ALMOST is important!

Step Two: Cool the turkey breast and then use a very sharp knife to debone it and cube it. If using the tenderloin, simply cube the meat. You want small cubes. I went for ½ inch ones.

Step Three: Peel your potatoes if you wish. I leave the skins on for nutrients and texture. Then cube your potatoes.

Step Four: Dice carrots.

Step Five: Mix almond flour, potato flour, eggs and water or coconut milk in a large mixing bowl. Add enough water or milk to achieve a batter consistency.

Step Six: Oil your baking pan.

Step Seven: Pour a small amount of batter into baking pan and spread across the bottom of pan.

Step Eight: Mix turkey, peas, carrots, and potatoes together in the small mixing bowl. Put them in the baking pan on top of the batter layer.

Step Nine: Coat the turkey filling layer with the rest of of the batter. Seek a uniform depth as this is your crust.

Step Ten: Bake in oven set to 350 F for twenty minutes or until browned.

Serve and Enjoy.



4 thoughts on “Everything Free Turkey Pot Pie

    1. While I thank you for the recommendation, I personally am HIGHLY allergic to most of those ingredients. I have 150+ food allergies which is why I write this page. However I will approve the comment and hope that some of my readers have less allergies and can enjoy this treat.


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