GROWL! LifeHacker has a post suggesting Lyme is rare and easy to treat. It also suggests the chronic form is bull. Please go to LifeHacker today at the link below and set them straight. You can comment by logging in into their page through Facebook.

Their article has no mention of the seriousness or occasional fatality of the disease, no comments on neurolyme (which can drop IQ by up to fifty points and destroys memory), no mention of Lyme carditis which is fatal, or of the very serious neurological and physiological after effects of Lyme.

It certainly does not mention chronic Lyme, the coinfections, the comorbids, the IV treatments, the controvery, the dehabilitation, the disability claims, the expense or the recognized epidemic status of the disease.

Nor the severe food and chemical allergies that can develop, the pain and horror of the treatments themselves, or the isolation and ostracism of the patients.

Sad just how ignorant these people are and if these are our best and brightest than what does Joe Blow think of the 300,000 recognized (i.e. reported and CDC tested) people with this disease much less the several million clinically diagnosed and IGeneX tested patients???

Not good, people.


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