What I hate about MCS…a quick list blog

Things I Hate About My

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Food Allergies.

  • Hot weather – I can’t wear shorts, sandals or flip flops. There is too much pesticide on the ground and too many pollutants in the air. In fact I sometimes have to wear long sleeves and boot on 90 degree days to protect my skin. And if there is smog I have to add a mask.
  • The expense. I have to have glass, cotton, and natural materials for everything I own and that is not cheap.
  • Goodwills – they treat all their clothes and intake with chemicals and industrial cleaners. This is why employees wear gloves.
  • Food deserts – I have very very specific food needs and that does not mean just that I have to go organic. I also have to avoid certain store brands due to additives, coloration, or patented processes to make their products unique. Which means that I really do need Martinelli apple juice and that Knudsons (added sulfates) will not work for me. This also gets expensive and means I can’t just shop in one store. Ingles has the turkey and tuna, Aldi’s the chicken and shrimp, Trader Joe’s the coconut cream, and so on.
  • My yard is a bug asylum – I can’t use pesticides and everyone else in the neighborhood can and does. So EVRY damn insect for miles comes to my yard.
  • I can’t touch my cat for 48 hours after putting flea meds on her or for longer than a few minutes at a time anyway.
  • I can’t eat out, enter most public venues (including most doctor’s offices!), or go anywhere where people might be using a fragrance, cooking a food, burning incense, or habitually use any cleaning product.
  • I have to go to an allergy friendly doctor’s office or integrative physician and most of these doctors do not take insurance.
  • No fast food, no road food. I always have to brown bag it.
  • Travel. It is NEVER safe, and ALWAYS uncertain. And just try (I dare you) to get the TSA to understand.

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