LIST: Dangerous places for MSC and Allergy Sufferes, WNC, Upstate SC

Since I travel a good deal of the Western NC and Upstate SC for medical reasons I decided it might be helpful to post a blog about places that were safe or unsafe for individuals with MCS. I intend to update it frequently.

Fairfield Inn & Suites Anderson Clemson

117 Interstate Blvd, Anderson, SC

This was NOT the hotel for me. Four reasons.

One -nothing was actually clean but large amount of air freshener, carpet freshener, and other odor reducing or odor masking chemicals were in use EVERYWHERE…and windows did not open. They had been screwed shut.

Two – Despite asking front desk to keep the maid out of our room and being assured this would happen we came back dripping wet from a swim and there was a maid -who ignored all requests to leave at once in English and Spanish – “cleaning the bathroom” – pouring bleach in toilet and tub, flush and run water briefly, spray drinking glass with glass cleaner, rinse -, spraying air freshener, and refusing to move her cart from the doorway. We could not enter our room, could not change out of our swimsuits, could not go the bathroom, or do anything except retreat to the pool area and wait to see if epipens would be needed. and were thus very late for an appointment.

Three, the staff flat out lied to us more than once about cleaning chemicals, pool chemicals, and more.

Four, smoking was allowed on the pool deck despite signs to the contrary.

NEVER going back.


Rutherfordton, NC

Dangerous place to eat if you have food allergies. Special needs menu NOT available and special request frequently ignored. Lots of rudeness from the staff. Lots of cross-contact issues in the kitchen.

Ingles Deli

Cherrydale Plaza, Greenville SC

All the cutting boards are used by all the staff. They are not even divided into meat and vegetable. Major cross-contact issues as the chicken and melon are cut on the same boards and boards are only rinsed – not washed. Same with utensils. Employees wear the same gloves all day and dip their hands into everything. So the gloves making your sub also cut the raw chicken. Service is also slow and rude. And the bathrooms are a terror of air freshener and raw bleach in the toilet bowls.


Augusta Road, Greenville SC

Heavily scented, frequently with perfumes, fragrances right inside the door. Cleaned with something so caustic that makes “normals” wince.



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