Allergy Friendly French Fries

This recipe is sugar, dairy, gluten, nut, and soy free.


You will need:

A baking pan or sheet.

A large skillet – preferably with a lid

A sharp knife

A spatula


Coconut oil (see below for substitutes)



Herb of your choice


Step one: Wash and bake a potato.

Step two: Using a very sharp knife, cut your potato into your preferred french fry shape – chip, wedge, string.

Step three: Put some coconut oil in a large skillet and melt it on low heat.

Step four: Fry your potatoes in the skillet. It is best to cover the skillet with a lid if possible.


TIP: Low heat gives a consistent texture, high heat creates a crisp on the outside, soft centered texture.

Optional – for those with lesser allergies

add salt to oil before cooking

add herbs to oil before cooking


Oil substitutes:

almond or peanut – WARNING – these are very “hot” oils (they boil at lower temperatures and cooking time will be shorter and a lid mandatory!

olive oil


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