I’m sorry to intrude, but my family and I could use a little help.

Well, here we go again. I really am sorry to bother you, but my family and I could really use a little help. It is the first of the month and I after paying my rent, setting aside my first doctor’s fee, and buying a week’s supply of my very limited selection of foods, I am already $90 in the hole. This is just incredibly depressing. Times have just been so hard here the last year, what with me first being hospitalized and now having to see all sort of specialists for my chronic illnesses. Worse yet, I can’t actually work because I am allergic to almost everything one might find in a workplace environment be it food or hand sanitizer, deodorant or a co-worker’s perfume. I actually wish I could work as I am so tired of being a burden upon my minimum wage earning fiancee, and my equally impoverished family. Frankly anything at all would help right now, be it counseling, medical referrals, legal referrals (I could use a good SC disability lawyer or a good lawyer familiar with book sale royalty laws), food donations -although my allergies make what I can accept pretty limited but would help my fiancee, to monetary aid. I am actually selling a bunch of my possessions on Craigslist, through Cafepress, and through Amazon and the purchase of any of those items would be helpful as well, even if it were just the $.99 cent Kindle stories. If character references are needed then I can supply them as in better times I have volunteered with fellow autists, donated to several charities, worked as a mentor for three student writers, and I hired and will hire illustrators, poets, and handymen whenever my money luck is in. I am a very firm believer in the pay it forward philosophy. Anyone who can help me out here will not be forgotten. I can promise you that. Need a short story for you child with his or her name on it? Want me to review your book or art. Want a referral to a publisher or a talent agent? An LLMD? Need a good waiter for an event? I can provide you with names of others like me who are willing to do things for a hand up or to return a past favor.

And If you are broke like me feel free to ignore this post but know you are in my thoughts and prayers.




Autism, Lyme, MCS shirt

Autism and Allergy Warning Shirt

Autism Awareness Ribbon shirt



Boyscout or Camping Kit – knives, compass, multitool, etc

Canon EOS Rebel/1000D and lots of Accessories


My Amazon Page

Buy my books and stories


Go Fund Me Crowd sourcing Page.



And now back to our regularly scheduled Lyme, allergy, and cooking posts.


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