Normally I love my new city but today I am having to flee my home!

I have severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and last night my whole block smelled of chemicals and mothballs. I could not run my AC or open a window without experiencing a serious respiratory illness. I also have epipen level (anaphylaxic) envirnmental allergies. Today I am having to flee town as I still cannot open a window or use my AC.


I also find it scary there are NO brds or squirrels in my yard today when there are usually dozens of both. Does this City spray airbornes for mosquito control or allow other mass pesticide uses? Or was there a chemical spill or what? When will I be able to return home? We actually moved here in November because my more or less local allergist said GVL was a relatively clean city. Now this.

Worse yet, I can find no one who is cognizant of this issue and no where where I might information. Any fellow Greenville, SC dwellers out there who might have a clue?


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