Everything Free Chicken and Bean Soup

Everything Free Chicken and Bean Soup


What you will need:


Red Beans

An apple

About two hours

A sharp knife

A baking pan

A crock pot or pot with a tight lid

Okay, yes. An apple. When I first saw this recipe, my reaction was “You’re joking, right?” But then I read more about it and discovered the apple acts as a meat tenderizer and a “gravy” making agent…and I thought, “Okay, nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

And I loved it! First soup I’ve had in years that I really enjoyed. So give it a try.

Here is what you do:

The night before…

Step one. Wash your red beans.

Step two. Cook your red beans overnight until soft.

On soup day…

Step one. Thaw your chicken.

Step two. Dice your apple – skin on or off as you prefer.

Step three. Cook the chicken in a lipped baking pan – at least two inches deep – with the diced apple.

Step four – optional. HEALTHY VERSION: Drain your chicken grease.

Step five. Drain the chicken grease and apples directly into your bean pot.

Step six. Debone your chicken and chop it to preference – I diced mine, I don’t like big chunks in my

food and I was also taught that a finer chop allows flavor to diffuse more freely through your mix.

Step seven. Stir your chicken and apples into your beans.

Step eight. Add two or three cups of water – for a thicker soup use less water.

Step nine. Put your crockpot on warm or your pot on medium. Seal lid tightly. Cook for about an hour.

Serve and enjoy!

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