Cure worse than the disease? Definitely more expensive.

Gotta wonder.

I got home in time to discover a remodeling project going on in my alleged home. Carpets ripped up and piled about, bare flooring, pollen dust, saw dust, floor glue, and more in the air but my partner justifies it all by saying the new laminate flooring will be better for me than the carpets were. Ah, yes, but in the meantime where precisely do I sleep? My car???

The whole process has led me to wondering about all sorts of oddities like why what used to be considered peasant/save goods are now so insanely expensive.

Wood, steel, glass, cotton, ceramic, and leather all cost far more now than they used to. A leather jerkin used to mark a slave after all, and steel and glass were for those who could not afford bronze, gold, or silver. Cotton was for the working classes, the rich wore silk and lace.

And so forth.

But now it is cheaper to buy plastic, press wood, laminate, and so on…and all of those things are horrible for people with MCS.

I have spent more money “simplifying” for my health than I spent in the whole rest of my life.

Close to $800 in five months (not counting medical expenses) to buy glass water bottles, unleaded glass plates, stainless steel utensils, a leather coat, linen shirts, cotton pants and socks, steel and glass furniture for my room, Pyrex for food storage, organic soil and organic pesticides (herbal and salt or chalk based), to grow some of my own food, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Not to mention the huge write off that came from getting rid of all my presswood furniture, all my plastic shelving, old backpack, Sharpies, paints, Prismacolor markers, knives and swords (oils and plastics), all of my polyester, nylon, spandex, etc clothing, and my old winter coat.

And let us not overlook the the cost of a new house with actual wood floors and no fiberboard or knockdown furniture. No premade cabinetry with it’s formaldehyde fumes, no latex paints, very little carpet (soon to be none), no varnish, no stains, and so on and so forth.

And then there is my food which costs on average five times more because it DOES NOT contain the usual ingredients for the masses. I am paying money for an absence (!) of items in my environment and sustenance!

In short, I am paying more to have less actual material stuff than most people pay to have stuff.

How weird is that?

Oh, yes, and medicine. That, too.

As I am violently allergic to most of modern AMA stye medicine’s arsenal – including alcohol, peroxide, and antibiotics, and since I need a waiting room that does not contain anyone wearing perfume, lotion, skin cream, hand sanitizer, perfume, cologne, hairspray, hair gel or tobacco smoke, well, I also pay a lot more per doctor’s appointment and usually totally out of pocket as such “integrative” or “naturopathic” clinics are not covered by insurance.

In fact my average visit is $325 – $535 for an hour. To paid for when services are rendered.

How did I end up living in a society where it is actually cheaper to live dangerously? Where a toxic lifestyle is far easier to live than a healthy one?

Interesting question that.


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