“Really Just Potato” Potato Soup

Potato Soup/Mashed Potatoes Recipe

(GF, SF, CF, DF, NF)

New recipe for you. I tried this one and it was definitely a success and also extra simple in that all that is required to turn it from mashed potatoes to potato soup is a bit of water. Now as always this is a bare minimum recipe. Those without my specific allergies can add spices and condiments to taste.

You will need…

A pot

A measuring cup

A tablespoon

A glass bowl

A sharp knife

Blender (optional)


6 potatoes

3-6 tsp of coconut cream

¼ cup – 1 cup of Potato flour

3 cup to 32 oz Water

Version 1

Baked potato soup

Step one. Wash and clean your potatoes. Bake them until soft. (Or nuke them for 8 minutes each in a 1000W microwave.)

Step two. Cut your potatoes into small chunks….or for creamier texture run them through a high powered blender.

Step three. Put the potatoes in your pot.

Step four. In the glass bowl mix 3 tablespoons of coconut cream with water and heat until soft. Use spoon to mix the two until you have a cream or add more water for coconut “milk” if you are seeking a creamier texture.

Step five. Pour your “cream” into the pot with the potatoes and stir.

Step six. Add three cups of water to your pot and stir.

Step seven. Add ¼ cup potato flour to your mix and stir.

Step eight. Heat slowly until thick. Keep stirring mixture to avoid scorching.

TO MAKE MASHED POTATOES:::: You can keep adding potato flour and coconut cream until desired thickness is achieved.

Version 1.1

Follow all the steps above but put your initial mixture into your crockpot. Stir as needed and add flour or cream about every two hours as needed.



Potato flour will create “dumplings” if poured into hot water suddenly. So pour slowly and stir as you pour if you use this method.


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