YIKES! So finally introducing so new medications.

I recently went to see my Integrative Med doc and he was finally ready to prescribe some new desensitizing medicines. Which means I am doing challenge tests!

While I can’t say I am enjoying the process – anytime you eat something with Epipens and cellphone set to 911 in hand is bound to be scary – I am very excited about finally moving forward with this process.

While the SRTs have been very helpful with general concerns, the food allergies had been driving me nuts. I really would like to be closer to normal someday.

While I have learned a good deal – how to cook, how to really thoroughly clean a kitchen, where to buy organic foods and how to read labels, I miss the social aspects of food.

To be able to actually consider a day when I might be able to go out again is a nice option.

So fingers crossed and I’ll keep you updated as I go…

That said, I need to post the results of last night’s test.


Syallgen tablet

As this tablet contains a small amount of lactose and I am very allergic to dairy, I was very very reluctant to actually try it and terrified thru out the whole procedure and hour’s “watch” time. It was only with my partner’s coaxing that I put the ting on my tongue.

Syallgen comes in a white dissolvable tablet that you are supposed to allow to coat your tongue completely.

I first held the tab in the palm of my hand to check for contact allergies. Nothing.

I then added a small amount of water to my palm to check to see if there was a coating that might conceal allergens. Nothing again.

I put the tab on my tongue with my mouth open and water on hand ready to spit and rinse. No problems.

I closed my mouth and allowed the tablet to dissolve.

And checked the clock.

7:30pm EST and I would be out of danger at 8:30 EST.

At that point, I let realized the only way my partner would stay with me through the whole wait period was to entertain him.

I allowed him to put a movie in the player, gambling that distracted but sitting next to me was safer than distracted in his room on his computer.

He chose “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.”

I decided the initial nausea was the movie not the drug, grabbed a book and settled in.

By 8:30 EST, I was still alive. I was also urinating heavily every ten minutes. And  do mean heavily. It was if my body was refilling my bladder completely and the urgency was insane. It was go to the bathroom or have wet pants. Weird.

By 10:30 EST, I was hungry.

I made a meal of safe foods and began to eat it only to realize that I was havng a reaction to my safe foods!!!

Not severe but enough itching and swelling to make me put the food aside.


My body was reacting so strongly to the Syallgen that anything else was going to e just that much too much.

That night I sleep very poorly as I suffered a continual low grade itch and the massive micturations did not stop until 5:00 am EST.

When I finally did fall asleep it was a shallow, restless sleep full of phantasmagoria.

Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Grant Morrison, and Alan Moore were scripting my nightmares. Dave McKean was illustrating with help from H.R. Giger. It was not a pleasant rest period. I awoke still feeling oddly displaced and rather like a hypnopompic nightmare myself.

I never did mesh into the day.

And I get to try again tonight.

This time I will eat first and hope for the best.


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