Everything free “chili” – CORRECTED

Chili” Recipe

Here is a really, really basic chili recipe for those with severe allergies…there is no mammal meat in this and people without my allergies can spice it up a bit.

What you will need…

Large pot with lid or crockpot – I prefer the crock pot.

Large skillet



Colander or food strainer

One (1) 8oz bag Red Beans

One (1) 16 oz roll of ground Turkey

Two (2) small Tomatoes – or more to taste.

Coconut Oil

NOTA BENE::: Prepare your beans the day before you plan on eating this meal.

Wash the red beans in a colander. Place them in a large pot or crock pot. Put the pot on “low” Make sure the lid is tightly in place. Cook for eight hours or overnight. Then drain your beans in the colander and place them aside.

Then on the next day.

Step one. Put a little coconut oil into your skillet and rub it in so it coats all surfaces. I cook exclusively in coconut oil due to my allergies but olive oil would work as well. Do not use a heavy or heavily flavored oil. The idea is to keep this light.

Step two. Cook your ground turkey in the skillet, stirring and breaking it fine as it browns.

Step three. Once your turkey has browned, put it in a bowl and set it aside to cool.

Step four. Drop the tomatoes in a blender and blend.

Step five. Stir both meat and tomatoes into our beans for the thinnest recipe.

Step six. Warm and serve.

For a thicker recipe…

Keep the oil in the pan.

Drain your beans into the colander and allow to cool.

Turn the pan back on low and place the beans in the pan. Use a spoon or a skillet to stir them, breaking some of the skins to allow the beans to reach a thicker “refried” texture.

Do not burn them or make bean burgers, tho. Stir frequently.

Once you have a nice thick bean mash, stir in the cooled turkey burger and pureed tomatoes and continue to stir until the whole mixture is warm.

Put in a bowl and eat.

Obviously, if you don’t have my allergies you can add salt or spices to this – best done during the final stirring – or cheese or sour cream, best added to the bowl after cooking.

Either way, I hope you enjoy this!


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