Books to debut soon….

Hello, readers.

Good news for those of you who follow my books in print and on Kindle.

My soon to be published nonfiction Lyme book is in the proofs/editing phase. The book, entitled Lyme Warriors: Stories from the Front Lines of an Epidemic is a collection of mini-biographies, interviews, and essays from Lyme patients around the world. It also includes several informative essays and appendixes about Lyme disease and the associated untreated tick borne co-infections that goes with it. It is not a political book however nor does it contain any opinion other than the patient’s interviewed about the US Lyme controversy. This book will be in both softcover and Kindle editions and will be free to participants upon it’s debut.

And my fiction book, Made for TV Murder is in the formatting stages for it’s Kindle only (so far) debut as well. So I am very excited about both.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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