Everything Free Almond Bread – CORRECTED

Here are some recipes that work for m very severe but strange allergies. You can try them if they are safe for you or maybe substitute safer things for yourself. Please note. I am NOT allergic to nuts. If you ARE, please DO NOT use these recipes.



So here is what you’ll need…

A mixing bowl

A glass bowl

A bread, cake, or brownie pan

A mixing spoon or mixer

A large spoon

4 eggs
3 cups of almond flour
3/4 cups coconut oil (or almond oil)
2 tsp coconut cream
Slivered almonds (alternatives – banana, apple, peanut or almond butter)

Break four eggs into a mixing bowl. I use brown organic eggs but if you have different allergies you can use different eggs. If you are allergic to eggs, try googling “flax egg”, I have done this on occasion as I can eat flax as well, but for me eggs are easier.

Add 3 cups of almond flour to the eggs and stir together.

For a thicker bread, heat the coconut cream until soft and then stir it into the mix as well.

For a lighter bread, heat the coconut cream with a little water to make a coconut milk BEFORE mixing.


Add your oil – I use coconut oil which has to be melted first, or almond or peanut oil if the mood strikes me, but prefer the lighter coconut oil texture.

Last stir in your slivered almonds or fruit.

I have now made several variations on this bread and I have some tips and tricks…


First, don’t use olive oil. It will flavor the bread. I’m allergic to olive oil but a friend tried to cook this that way and said it came out “terribly horribly wrong”.

Second, when cooking with banana, slice and heat, slice and fry (my fav), or blend the bananas first. This makes for a much more banana flavored bread.

Third, if cooking with apples, use pureed apples or a very pure applesauce. And go light on this. Apples are juicy and the results can be too mushy if you are not careful.


Finally, cooking this with almond slivers makes an almost crackery bread, whereas cooking it with apples gives an almost cake texture so think about that when you start.


I cook at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.



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