To Facebook or not to Facebook

So I just lost a job opportunity (writing) because I posted my initial research questions on Facebook. One of my relatives felt that the questions I was asking were dangerous – never mind that I had run them past a publisher, his lawyer, and an IT professional BEFORE posting them. This relative then proceeded to blow up my post with her ideas of how foolish, dangerous, and so on my questions were. Her concerns centered around one example of one use for a multiuse platform used by world governments, artists, the military, clothing designers, musicians, and charities as well as some shady or even criminal elements.

But seriously that is a good description of every technological platform in history. Good people use it, bad people use it.

I was well aware of this, well aware of the risks (minimal) and well aware of what I was asking and more importantly of how I was asking.

Since the platform in question had a secretive aspect, I was being very circumspect in my wording. I probably would have received some replies from the criminal elements -and would have ignored them or weeded them out – but I also might have heard from people whose usages were legitimate and who could have shared valuable information with me.

As it was the only reply I received (other than from the relative) was from one of the people I sought. And he/she said ” I might have answered your questions if you were not being blown up by a crazy person. And one who just assumed that me and my peeps were all thugs.”

So nice one, relative.

You cost me a writing project/job with a lot of financial potential and largely because YOU made assumptions and forgot that I am a) an adult, b) employed and c)might have method to my seeming “madness”.

That said, I am now even more discouraged than I was with Facebook. As an informations platform, a networking platform, or a work platform, it simply sucks.

Most people are only interested in talking about themselves, reposting a cute meme that has caught their eye or promoting their own work or items to sell. At best, my posts -to do the ego thing and to give an example – manage two views a day and I’ a published author, produced playwright, and Lyme and Aspergers advocate.

Grumpy Cat – God Bless her fuzzy little soul – averages thousands. Way to go Tardar Sauce. No sarcasm implied here at all. You and your humans have figured the system out. Good for you.

It’s just the way our culture works.

Literacy and a free exchange of ideas is not really the goal…especially not with million post a day, scroll addicted, point and click sharers. It’s not really possible either.

On the other hand I have had some very good adventures on FB – I have made friends with people, I’ve reconnected with people, and I have found pick up work and publishing aids on Facebook.

My Lyme groups have helped me immensely. My Aspie brethren and sisters have offered very good advice.

So let one toxic apple ruin the barrel? Or just chuck it and assume the rest of the barrel is still useful?

Hard one in this day in age…

But then I have other options – Twitter, Deviant Art, Google+…

What do you, oh faithful readers, think? How do you feel about this issue?

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