Book review…Heading to Valparaiso – Ned Condini

Mr. Condini is a friend of mine with his own health challenges, but that does not make me biased. As a writer – and a published one at that – I still wish I could write with Mr. Condini’s skill and savoir-faire.
Oh well..

Here is the review –

Ned Condini’s poems are an unusual treat for the reader; both intelligent and elegant, full of textures and well layered.

Mr. Condini is a very talented poet who readily evokes Jungian archetypes and urban legends with equivalent skill.

Mr. Condini does not write so much as create hypnogogic holograms that appeal to all five of the senses in a rare congruence of effects that affect both body and mind.

His latest book, Heading for Valparaiso is no exception.

A book of poems in four parts, it teases the mind and tantalizes the soul with its evocations of deeper meaning and its skillful use of imagery.

The book appeals to all readers ranging from the purely romantic to the intellectual elite and is readily accessible to all readers from beginner to advanced.

I also found the fact that the pieces are presented both in Italian and English to be a pleasant surprise as one can savor the unique sound and structures of each piece in both those tongues, something that the true language lover will find an additional treat.

This is a truly awesome volume of poetry and one that I would willing recommend to any lover of language and of light.

A terrific solo read but also an excellent volume to be shared with a loved one on an evening when one seeks home and hearth.

Elaine Calderin

Available at and through
Chelsea Editions, 125 Cooper Station,
New York N.Y. 10276-0123.
$20 USD

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