Autism, Lyme and CMS moving and moving tips!

Moving can be challenging enough for “normal” neurotypical people, even the healthy ones. So what to do when you have to move and you are not “normal” and are also very seriously ill?

Not only do I have Lyme disease but I also have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome.

One jackass wearing Axe in a room can send me to a hospital. One smoker. One can of pesticide. One diesel truck.

So I have learned to ask lots and lots of questions and also to avoid any situation I possibly can where I might be in danger.

But moving makes that VERY difficult.

And when you add that I am autistic and deeply loate things that change or are outside of my safe routines – well you can see how life might get challenging.

Let’s start with the autism.

In preparing for this move I have created a special box labelled “Pack last, Open first.”

This box is not sealed and stays easily accessible. Inside are my various comfort totems. A photo of my “adopted” father. My favorite stuffed animal. My favorite hoodie. A peace of shiny quartz crystal. My Kindle and MP3 players. My favorite hat. Various items I have collected over the years as tactile memories of people or places that are special to me (a shell from Puget Sound, a rock from the Outer Banks, a friend’s old Zippo lighter, a small piece of faux fur from a play I was in, a trumpet mouthpiece, etc).

Whenever I start feeling nervous or scared, I go through this box.  I find that this small anchor in the chaos that is our current living environment is very helpful indeed.

I also have a designated corner full of fuzzy blankets and pillows in a pile. This is my trauma nest. And I use it if the box does not help.

My partner also comes out and gives me a five minute snuggle every day.

So so far, so good. We’ll see how I do when it’s time to load the truck!

My partner has already been in touch with DSS in our new city and the day before we go we will contact the local police and the Chamber of Commerce to let them know that a special needs person is coming to their area and to ask what programs are available to help us. We will also ask the local police to make a notation in their address files that a special needs person lives in our new home.

Then there is the Lyme.

Another box – also unsealed – is labeled “Lyme stuff”. It contains all my medicines, medical documents, appointment cards, Rife schedule, and allergy food charts. I have already called ahead and made an appointment with a LLMD in our new town as the actual move will probably lead to health issues as I am exposed to high levels of stress and a new environment.

And that brings us to the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome.

The house itself is being vetted for issues and is being aired out, cross-ventilated, and has bowls of activated charcoal in each room. We have arranged with the landlord to discontinue yard services, stop spraying with pesticides, and remove all petroleum and other chemicals from the house and environs. Ionizers and air purifiers will be placed in every room the day we get there.

All carpets, curtains, and upholstered furniture will be removed.

We will vacuum, sweep, and wet mop upon arrival with soaps I can tolerate.

We will have all vents inspected and unnecessary vents sealed.

And then with any luck we will start moving things in.

I intend to keep my most important things largely isolated from the rest of the household for safety but with any luck this will be a better place than I currently am. I will have better access to doctors, organic foods, healthy foods, and places where I can exercise.

So phalanges crossed…and here goes nothing…




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